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Sep 4, 2012 8:30am PDT
wiener? supervisor wiener: i just want to say that those people that are here for items one and two, thank you very much. we plan to get to those pretty quickly. >> good morning. thank you for inviting us to discuss this city's audits. the deliverables issued by mgo included in your package include the fiscal year 2011 with the government bought it and oversight committee. the segel audit report and the audit plan for fiscal year 2012. the me first start with the report to the government audit and oversight committee. this report includes the communication we as auditors are required to present to the oversight body. in addition, the city does not have a current-year recommendation deemed to be control deficiencies pertaining to the financial statement audit. that is noted on page 5. the report also includes a summary status of prior year recommendations. the city fully implemented all of these recommendations except the three related to the port of san francisco, which are on pages 5 and 6. the three include the disaster recovery plan, information systems, and business continuity.
Sep 18, 2012 4:30pm PDT
district this project exists, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, mr. president. at the request of the appellant, in order to have a full opportunity for a briefing in this matter, once we open the hearing, i'm going to be moving to continue this item to october 23. so i understand from the city attorney that we do need to formally open the hearing, take public comment, and then i'll be able to offer the motion to continue. >> president chiu: i've already opened the hearing right before you spoke so having opened it, supervisor wiener is making a motion to continue. is there a second? seconded by supervisor olague. let's open it up to public comment. if there are members of the public that wish to speak to this item or the motion to continue. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue these items to october 23. that motion has been seconded. can we do that without objection? without objection that is the case. madam clerk could you call items 32 through 35. >> clerk calvillo: 32 a public hearing interested in the planni
Sep 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
for the residents is absolutely the wrong approach. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. you know, i have to say the opt-out-opt-out issue -- and this is not in any way a criticism of anyone because there's been a lot of stuff that's been happening, and conversations in the last few days, and few weeks. and, you know, i think it's unfortunate that the -- this amendment about the opt-in, or the preopt-in, or the market opt-in, whatever you want it call it, is coming up now, and i know we've had a response from the puc, but it feels a little bit seat of the pants to me. i, frankly -- you know, i think, ideally it makes sense to figure out what the level of support is ahead of time. but i don't know that i -- that we've even gotten a definitive response about what is possible and what's not possible. and i know that -- mr. harrington is retiring on thursday. you know, frankly, to me, it seems like for this specific issue, because the opt-out-opt-in issue has been at heart of so much of the public debate about this that it seems to me that we should figure out if
Sep 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
a few words on behalf of the treasurer? >> i'm just here to answer questions. we thank supervisor wiener for working collaboratively and come to a good spot. >> legislation that came forward from your office, to make sure you could tighten up regulations around parking tax? >> no, supervisor wiener proposed this legislation. >> thank you. >> supervisor wiener we just had a conversation. you said planning department had declined giving input on this aspect about the 1250 rule for parking. >> no. the planning department came out in support. planning staff. it's circulated. planning staff supports it and held a hearing last thursday and voted 6-1. >> thank you, supervisor. why don't we go to the budget analyst report. >> good afternoon, the proposed ordinance would amend the business and tax regulation to simplify procedures for residential parking operators of five units or less to pay the parking tax. the two things it will do would provide amnesty for two years on penalties. and would forego prior to two years so there would be a revenue loss. potential revenue loss though some are not c
Sep 10, 2012 1:30pm PDT
wiener: thank you. i'm supportive of this legislation. and i actually think it raises a hear that there are no car other side of town ?mch5 >> it would establish a citywide transportation sustainability fee which would apply to all net new development to fund transportation system improvements. this is a test for the land use and environmental development. this is a test for the land use and environmental development. >> with the exception being accessory uses to residential. it does not apply to residential, nor would it apply to accessory uses which are accessory to residential. in reviewing the proposed tidf rerecommend a grandfather period for most types of projects required to pay the fee under the updated tidf including nobl and pdr uses, including automotive services and wholesale services and equipment. it includes a grandfathering provision through calendar year 2013. the tidf update as put forward is intended to be consistent with the proposed transportation sustainability program to the degree possible. urd the proposed tsp ordinance the tsp allocates 6% of transpo
Sep 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
absent. olague present. wiener present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> president chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, could you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> (reciting the pledge of allegiance. allegiance). >> president chiu: colleagues, we have board meeting minutes from july 10, july 17, and july 24 of this year. could i have a motion to approve those minutes? motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor cohen. they're approved. do we have communications in. >> the clerk: yes. pursuant to charter 14.102 and california election, we are in receipt of a communication from john arts, director of the department of elections dated august 1, 2012. a petition of referendum against ordinance no. 10412, the eighth washington street project, the zoning map amendment has been certified by department of elections. due to the summer recess i have communicated this information and also agendized the ordinance for today's meeting. item 22 is the public hearing on the referendum and 23 is the board's reconsideration of the ordinance. >> president chiu: thank you, clerk
Sep 18, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: those resolutions are adopted and ordinances passed on the first reading. next item. >> clerk calvillo: item 11 is an ordinance amending the police code to modify and eliminate other certain requirements for secondhand and antique dealers setting the permit application fee at $200. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: colleagues i have a typographical correction that i need to correct by way of amendment. i provided those to the clerk. i don't know if they've been distributed yet to the board, but they are purely typographical. >> president chiu: mr. clerk, have they been circulated? >> supervisor wiener: my apologies. it's one coming up shortly. please disregard my statement. >> president chiu: colleagues, with regards to item no. 11, could we do this same house, same call? without objection this ordinance is finally passed. item 12. >> clerk calvillo: item 12, ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the airports commission to enter into l
Sep 4, 2012 9:00am PDT
. supervisor wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> i own an antique shops and art gallery in the western addition. i've been in business for four years, contributing to the vitality and commercial street my business is located on. i'm open on the weekends and evenings, giving artists the opportunity to showcase their work. eyesores from all over the bay and the state, buy from dealers -- i source from all over the bay and the state. i am diligent that i purchase my items from good, reputable dealers. i have an active member of the corridor business association. i also barely pay my bills each month. this industry is a very difficult one, especially given the rising rents and costs of doing business in a very expensive city. paying $1,500 would be months worth of profit. there's no way i could ever document each and every sale with an identifying description of these customer. my customers would see this as an invasion of their privacy and i would lose business because of it. a reputable small business that contributes to the economic vitality of san francisco. please treat people and people like
Sep 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
with the community in good faith. i think that is all the community is asking for. thank you. supervisor wiener: thank you. i of a few comments. i think one of the issues i have worked on very extensively is preserving and improving san francisco; righ's night life. i worked very hard on this. i was part of the study that showed what it contributes to the economy. i have been very vocal and raising questions about the western some of plan, because i think it will undermine night life around 11th street, so i am absolutely passant about having great night life. as a gay guy who has been going to get barsay bars, before i wa, i am completely passionate. i also -- all of these different bidders and suitors who wanted to take this over and keep it as the eagle, i stepped up and tried to help each and every one of them. i spoke with them on the phone and try to help them. i do not know why it did not work. i tried to help mike lee on, as did supervisor kim. it did not work. i did it. i have worked very hard to keep it open, and to give it to stay as the eagle, and sometimes we want to view ourselves
Sep 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. >> clerk calvillo: there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: resolution is adopted. item 19. >> clerk calvillo: item 19, resolution authorizing the public utilities commission to accept and expend the department of water resources administered grant in the amount of approximately $863,000 for a high efficient toilet installation program. >> president chiu: same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. >> the clerk: item 20, resolution establishing rent and term for a second extension and confirming a sublease extension with the unified school district for real property on mission street for general assistant services from the human services agency. >> president chiu: same house, same call this resolution is adopted. >> clerk calvillo: item 21, resolution to consider the issuance of perform adges to the rocksie theater located at 2117, 16th street will serve the public convenience. >> president chiu: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to amend motion 21. we've recently had discussions between ou
Sep 18, 2012 7:00pm PDT
it further. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor elsberndwiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. i have questions for the puc and for the city attorney. and i will preface this in terms of the amendments offered and it seems like it's the first two that are at issue, since it looks like the the puc is agreeing to the third. to me, i think they're very good arguments on both sides of this, and i know that, you know, there are a lot of people who would like to see this voted up or down, either move forward with the program or we don't move forward with the program and after all the years that the agency has put into this program, i certainly think that they're entitled to know whether the program is important or not. what i don't want to do is send them back with something passed, and signed into law, that's going to cause them to sort of spin around chasing their tails and ultimately the program doesn't happen because what we've inserted in is a poison pill. i'm not interested in putting any poison pills in here so i have some questions, i'm trying to ferret out whether parti
Sep 22, 2012 9:00am PDT
: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: i do have other questions for the puc. they're not specific to the amendments. so if we're limiting it to the amendments now i can defer those to the chair. >> president chiu: why don't we continue discussing the amendments? no. go ahead, supervisor wiener, if you had additional questions. >> supervisor wiener: orc. okay. also to the puc. >> president chiu: mr. harrington. >> supervisor wiener: there's been some discussion about ultimately a local build-out being financed in some way by the revenues from the cca, whether it's with cash, or through bonding. and supervisor farrell referred to a concern that it just simply would not generate enough cash to be able to bond around it. so if you could respond to that. >> sure, supervisor. when you're trying to go out and build a major facility to produce power, the normal thing to do is to go out and borrow the money, borrow enough money to pay your debt service while constructing the facility and then when the facility is put in place, that revenue that then now generates by selling that power pays
Sep 23, 2012 9:00pm PDT
: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, mr. president. i'll be supporting the amendment and the license, despite the fact that the agenda erroneously states the roxie is in district 6. it's in district 8 vuth of redistricting. so we're -- i'm very proud to welcome this amazing institution to the district. but i can't let the opportunity go by to -- as is always the case when these things come up -- to criticize the mission alcohol special use district. you'll recall that the roxie was actually prohibited by law from getting a liquor license because of this outdated and recovery broad alcohol zoning restriction. and we worked together, as we did for the bowling alley before it to grant exemption for single screen movie theaters. that's a bad way to do policy in making one off exemptions so supervisor campos and i are working closer together to come up with a broader reform so we don't have to do one offs and have a more vibrant mission while keeping the -- of the special use district. >> president chiu: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: thank you. i want to thank s
Sep 8, 2012 7:30am PDT
. wiener failed to provide evidence and presented misinformation at least four times during the board's full meeting on may 22nd. wiener wrongly claimed the task force had exempted itself from the san francisco charter, wrongly claimed the task force had said how dare you, sunshinelight us end quote when the task force never claimed such thing. wiener claimed he asked for a, quote, audit, in compliance with this ordinance when in fact he had asked for a survey. wiener also inflated the average number of times city employees had to attend hearings to resolve sunshine complaints. mr. wiener also claimed the sotf had ignored the city attorney's opinion but the fact is the city attorney's website that -- city attorney opinion, that have been issued lists no such opinion, and it's not posted. what was vice chair wolfe's crime to -- be removed from the task force? supervisor kim, mr. wiener claims mr. wolfe had been part of the task force when all these things had happened. ostensibly including when it found mr. wiener guilty of official misconduct on september 27, 2011. wiener presented no
Sep 8, 2012 11:30pm PDT
rules committee before. i know all of you, except for mr. wiener. and i have concerns here with all the hundreds of illegal evictions that are going on at parkmerced that were enabled by violations in sunshine case 1148. mr. wiener's been charged by the sunshine task force with misdemeanors, along with david chiu, malia cohen, and eric mar. for scott wiener to go ahead and legally block sunshine from the sunshine ordinance, and sunshine task force, from operation, is anathema to good government. and you know that, mr. wiener. shame on you. the playing illegal games to cover up your own prosecution due to official misconduct in sunshine case 11048 is good cause for your recall. there are others in office who need to go as well, and i've mentioned this as the ethics commission, i've mentioned this at the board of supervisors, before you went out on break. i call out to san francisco, and i'm speaking to the television audience at this point, to please organize saturday morning meetings in your home so we can organize the whole city quickly in order to execute the recall of the machine
Sep 9, 2012 1:30am PDT
imtrying to approach it. i don't know, supervisor wiener, if you have -- so, you know, i don't know how we want to do this, but we know there are a couple of names that i want to throw out as names that i think, based on what i have seen and based on some of the work that i have experienced firsthand, i think individuals that i think should be added, and maybe you guys can also, you know, list some of the names that you think should be added as well. you know, i've worked with tommi mecca for many years on many different issues, and i do think that, you know, what he said in his presentation about getting things done is true, of how he approaches things. so i would add tommi to the list. we heard a number of people speak on behalf of jazzie collins, and it's not just because of the clever jazzie sÍ puede, but i think that certainly nailed it for me. and you know, we have also -- you know, we heard from marcy edellman and the long history of work around these issues. i think points to the kind of experience that you want to see. so let least to get this rolling. >> chair kim: thank you. i
Sep 15, 2012 11:30pm PDT
to shut down the task force. supervisor wiener substituted a personally drafted candidate with no interest or knowledge of government matters. for the experienced representative of the disabled community. this retaliatory action denied the disabled community representation on the task force, opportunity to be chair or vice chair of the task force or its committees and violated rights under the americans with disabilities act. for you to go back and pretend like nobody knew what was happening is really, really outrageous. very frankly, you have a responsibility to fill the seats of any committee with qualified candidates, and that includes knowing what the qualifications are. and to come back after denying people the right to appear as i have three cases before the task force, and have now been delayed for months, and to come before the public and tell them oh, we didn't realize what we were doing was wrong, is really, really egregious. and i think you really must think we're a bunch of dumb bunnies to be polite, to fall for that kind of garbage. and here's 150 word summary included to be i
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
if that speaks to the outreach that was done by the offices of supervisor campos, wiener and olague but i want to say i truly, truly appreciate all of your applications. supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: similarly i want to echo everyone a real big thanks for coming out today. i think the enormous outpouring of applicants is a real testament to the enthusiasm for this and i specifically want to commend my fellow supervisors wiener and campos and olague for being the impetus for being behind this task force. it's obviously something long time overdue and look forward to working with everyone here. i want to make sure i thank everyone for coming out today and whoever does get selected know you will be carrying the torch for a lot of people as well. >> chair kim: supervisor campos. >> co-chair campos: thank you, madam chair. you know, i do sort of see this task force as -- to use a term in basketball, it is sort of a dream teadream team in terms ofe people who will be, on behalf of the city, talking about and strategizing about the future of the aging lgbt community. it is very impressiv
Sep 13, 2012 1:00am PDT
housing. may i begin by thanking supervisor wiener for his work, that is helpful, mr. cato and mr. cisneros if he is watching for working on this. it came as i think a reaction to constituent complaints about bills coming in or enforcement unknown tax law where there are some folks who had to pay huge fines and huge back tax on us and are continuing to do that, even as we speak. they still have to do this. although ignorance of the law is certainly no excuse, it is -- it was not known by most anyone that this was necessary. if they did know, had i known that they had to be fingerprinted and bonded, $1,000, all these thing, you can expect they wouldn't rent out their parking spot or they would not report it. we think that the amnesty part of this is very important. we appreciate that. i think mr. wiener's correct, you will get a lot more people who will come up and pay the tax, pay the penalties and back taxes if you do that. we do understand, of course, the concerns of smaller property owners in that they shouldn't be treated as big parking companies because they are not. these ar
Sep 22, 2012 9:30am PDT
do support supervisor wiener's motion. and, you know, i think the intention, as we saw today, being able to accept potentially this amendment on the reserves, being able to potentially make amendments to the program that would actually strengthen our comfort in making sure that people are choosing a program that they want to be in, i think these are all very legitimate things to do. i think that supervisor farrell has already articulated, we understand that there is limitation -- there are lintations set by state laws, limitations based on not being able to do an opt-in program and that will not change within a week's time. when is important for us to look at and work with our state attorney on is how to strengthen this program, this opt-out component that we have to include in the program such that we make sure people are notified adequately, that they are able to understand fully what risks they are going into, what the rates potentially would look like. this is something that is very crucial in understanding it. i know for one, having parents who were immigrants, having parents w
Sep 11, 2012 1:00pm PDT
for the tour. >> lockdown here and take a look at the ski jets. >> sure. commissioner wiener: welcome, everyone, to the san francisco county transportation authority finance meeting. are there any announcements? >> no announcements. commissioner wiener: ok, what will go to item two? >> item two, up from the minutes of the june 12, 2012 meeting. this is an action item. commissioner wiener: colleagues, any comments? any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to approve the minutes? can we take that without objection? that will be the order. item three. >> state and federal legislative update. this is an information/action item. >> mr. chairman, members, i am here today to give you an update on legislation of interest and what is going on in sacramento. i want to cover a couple of bills first, but i do want to know that last friday was the date that the legislature recessed until august 6. they completed their work for the year. when they come back in august, they will be dealing with appropriations for two weeks, the appropriation bills and the suspense calendar,
Sep 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
with us as well. supervisor wiener? so why don't we ask if -- actually, ms. bose or ms. -- did you have any remarks at all? >> good afternoon, chair mar, supervisors. the small business commission heard this matter on june 11th, and it did -- its recommendation is to approve with recommendations, and our recommendation. one of the recommendations is in the current form of the legislation with a policy credit, which our office did work on with oawd in the transit sustainability project. so the small business commission's final recommendation would be to approve this piece of legislation. and we're pleased with the policy credit for small businesses. >> chair mar: thank you. ms. bose, did you have any remarks? >> thank you, supervisors. nothing more than what alicia said but i do want to reiterate we're very supportive of this because it's one of the ways we fund our system. so we do want you to approve this. thank you. >> chair mar: thank you. now, let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? so three minutes max. thank you. >> good aft
Sep 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the motion to continue today. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, mr. chairman. just so folks don't think that any of us are sort of log gagging around, for many, many months, i have received a very, very consistent message from everyone who i've ever spoken to about this. the advocates in favor, people against, the puc, that you have to do an opt-out, and an opt-in is not permissible, period. and that's all i ever heard. and so we were evaluating this, or at least i was, do we want to do this, given that state law restricts us from having anything other than an opt out. late last night, and then this morning, was the very first time that i was ever even informed by anyone that, wait, we might actually have the possibility of doing this preopt in, or whatever you want to call it, that that is actually legal. that had not been conveyed to me before then. so -- and then received the language, walked into the board chambers. so i want to be clear this is not a situation where there's been something known, dangling out there six or nine months and then someone perks up in bo
Sep 18, 2012 3:30pm PDT
that apparently. here we're talking about a similar amount of money for 90,000 households. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. >> does that answer? >> president chiu: thank you, supervisor ween. president chiu. >> president chiu: first i want to take a moment and thank everyone in the chamber who has been working for years on this project, from the community advocates to our colleagues to our predecessors and particularly our city staff. thank you. it has been 14 years since cca was first discussed at the board, eight years since the board of supervisors moved forward, a desire for our city to consider this, over a year with this contract on the table. and from my perspective, i do think it is time for us to move forward. i have supported the concept of cca for the entire time i've been in public life. but we know that there have been previous attempts to move this forward which i was not as comfortable with what we have today. i think there have been a number of changes in recent months and weeks that have made this better. first, i want to highlight what mr. harrington has stated, the fact that
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 374 (some duplicates have been removed)